Mostra personale "dalla materia verso l'infinito"

Personal exhibition "from matter towards infinity"

Dimitri Milesi, who is in his first artistic experience, has created a group of works that are the result of his experimentation based on evaluations aimed at the search for spirituality .

Using expanded polyurethane and polystyrene as materials, Dimitri Milesi models a series of three-dimensional paintings that he paints with acrylic colors in ranges limited to red, blue, yellow and black . Within these plastic structures the symbol of the cross is represented, linked to the Christian tradition but also used in various flags, in various knightly insignia and in other realities, a symbol which for the painter designates an important meeting point. At the center of the cross a median nucleus symbolizes the eye.

The author conceives the cross, the sphere and the eye as elements of an essential centrality capable of establishing an active exchange with the user.

Dimitri Milesi strives to reduce the material he spreads on three-dimensional works to the essentials. He thus arrives at the creation of another series of works which always propose a cross but a very light, level one, which connects four spheres of modest dimensions.

At the center of the composition there is always a sphere that symbolizes the eye, which is entrusted with the task of attracting the interest of observers. According to the author, this is an operation that tends to make his representations increasingly inconsistent, breaking down their materiality to arrive at an essential and more spiritual vision.

As for style, Dimitri Milesi's approach can be connected to the artistic movement of minimalism, which uses few elements, simple geometric shapes, pure colors, simplification of structures. The linguist Emile Bienveniste maintains that art is a particular work in which the artist freely establishes oppositions and values ​​with which he plays in complete sovereignty, having neither answers to wait for nor contradictions to eliminate, but only a vision to express, according to the criteria, conscious or otherwise, of which the entire composition bears witness and becomes a manifestation.

This description fits well with the painter Milesi who is making his debut with a personal exhibition for the first time.

Cesare Morali

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