Mostra personale "segno e significato"

Personal exhibition "sign and meaning"

In the multifaceted and varied contemporary artistic production aimed at searching for new poetics and new horizons, it seemed right to me to carry out research and carry out experiments to broaden my knowledge and to analyze original artistic aspects.

After some occasional artistic learning experiences I directed my self-taught research and experimentation on the subject, I created works entitled horizons, with expanded polyurethane, floated polystyrene and jute.

These informal works represent sunsets, nights and abstract landscapes. My research strives to develop an artistic expression that generates, through the combinations of shapes and colors, sensations and emotions in the observer.

Two years ago I instead created a sequence of three-dimensional paintings painted with acrylic colors in ranges limited to red, blue, yellow and black, with a technique that used expanded polyurethane and polystyrene. Inside these plastic structures I depicted the symbol of the cross, linked to the Christian tradition. Taken together, these works symbolize a process of progressive spiritualization of matter , a gradual "becoming spirit) to satisfy my "desire for absolute infinity".

With these works, last year I presented the personal exhibition entitled "From matter towards the Infinite" at the Circolo Artistico Bergamasco, which achieved good success.

For many years I have turned my interest towards Japanese culture which fascinates me with its rich traditions. I followed a course of studies to learn more about its ancient civilization, dedicating great attention to Japanese calligraphy and ideograms, which fascinate me for their ability to designate not only the structural beauty of each object represented, but also the active power that that the object possesses. My research on the expressive value of the sign therefore concerns ideograms , among which I have chosen those with a pleasant meaning and a more elegant shape, inserting them in the right space in the void of the canvas. It should be noted that the lines of an ideogram must be drawn respecting the order: from top to bottom, from left to right, first the horizontal then the vertical, first the central part, then the lateral part.

I believe that my artistic commitment can be traced back to the minimalist current which represents a bridge towards post-modern art and which uses few elements, linear and clear geometric shapes, pure colours, simplification of structures.

The new personal exhibition entitled " Sign and Meaning " which I am presenting at the Circolo Artistico Bergamasco from 26 February to 10 March 2011 offers a group of recent paintings which illustrate my research on Japanese ideograms.

Cesare Morali

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